1.  The Prayer Room serves as a fueling station for the city's spiritually hungry, & a resource hub for local churches.  

  2.  15 years & running, it's still funded solely by donations from visitors & those who support the work of God there.

  3.  Spaces in The Prayer Room can be reserved for Christ-centered groups, gatherings, and events.

  4.  Every month approximately 700 people from all over the spiritual map visit The Prayer Room.

  5.  If you are bringing a group larger than 7, giving us advance notice is good. 

  6.  The Prayer Room is watched over by an all-volunteer 24-7 staff & leadership team.

  7.  All of us are from a wide diversity of denominational & non-denominational Christian affiliations.

  8.  24-7 is the org that created the Prayer Room. We're the local branch of a global org called 24-7 Prayer.  

  9.  24-7 Prayer serves as a mobilizer for movements of prayer, mission, & justice here & around the globe.

 10.  24-7 is  n-o-t  a church. Rather, we exist to help breathe life into, support, & be a resource to the Church.


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